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Improved EEUC routing protocol for wireless sensor networks
Received:November 26, 2012  
中文关键词:无线传感器网络  剩余能量  能量效率  存活时间
英文关键词:wireless sensor networks  residual energy  energy efficiency  survival time
Author NameAffiliation
TANG Jiashan, WANG Yan College of Science, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Nanjing 210023,P.R. China 
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      基于对无线传感器网络LEACH(low-energy adaptive clustering hierarchy)协议与EEUC(energy-efficient uneven clustering)协议的研究,针对EEUC协议中存在的候选簇首选择未考虑当选最终簇首次数、下一跳簇首选择主要考虑网络能量开销指标和频繁构造簇浪费能量问题,提出了改进的EEUC(improved-EEUC,I-EEUC)协议。I-EEUC协议中,借鉴LEACH协议中簇首选择策略对EEUC协议中候选簇首选择进行改进,并且在选择下一跳簇首时综合考虑网络能量开销指标,下一跳簇首剩余能量与簇内成员数目等因素。为减少传输控制信息能耗且不降低网络能量效率,采用每2次数据收集后重新构造簇。仿真结果表明,新改进的协议让节点轮流担任最终簇首,有效地均衡了网络中节点的能耗,延长网络的存活时间。
      After researching on LEACH and EEUC routing protocols of wireless sensor networks, according to problems existing in EEUC, such as not considering the number of selected final cluster head for the tentative cluster head selection, mainly considering the network energy consumption index for the next hop selection and wasting of energy for constructing cluster frequently, this paper proposes an improved-EEUC(I-EEUC). It uses the strategy of selecting cluster heads in LEACH to improve EEUC in selecting of tentative cluster heads and considers the network energy consumption index, residual energy and the number of members in the cluster to select the next hop. In order to save energy in transferring control information and not to reduce energy efficiency, it reconstructs cluster after every two data collections. The simulation results show that it permits the nodes alternately to be served as the final cluster heed, balances the energy consumption among nodes and prolongs the networks survival time effectively.
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