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Simulation of finite feedback massive MIMO system
Received:August 22, 2012  
中文关键词:大规模多输入多输出(MIMO)  有限反馈  波束成形  容量
英文关键词:massive multiple input multiple output(MIMO)  finite feedback  beamforming  capacity
基金项目:国家自然科学基金(61171080, 60972008)
Author NameAffiliation
XU Guozhen, JIANG Wei,LIU An,XIANG Haige, LUO Wu State Key Laboratory of Advanced Optical Communication Systems and Networks, Peking University, Beijing 100871, P.R.China 
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      大规模多输入多输出(multiple input multiple output,MIMO)系统由于天线数目的急剧增加,其模型与传统多入多出系统有诸多不同,反馈信息对系统性能有较大影响。针对迫零波束成形、有限反馈等条件下,对大规模MIMO系统进行仿真,研究其性能,对其实际应用有一定的指导意义。仿真分析表明,有限反馈下的大规模MIMO系统在反馈比特数目较少时与传统MIMO系统性能相仿,当反馈比特达到一定数目后,系统容量性能将显著提升。
      Compared with the traditional MIMO system, the large number of the transmit antennas of massive MIMO makes it more dependent on the finite feedback. The simulation of massive MIMO system which is based on zero-forcing beamforming and finite feedback has some degree of guiding significance for the practical application of massive MIMO system. It shows that when the number of finite feedback bits is not large enough, the capacity gap between massive MIMO system and traditional MIMO system is relatively small, while the feedback reaching a certain region, the capacity of massive MIMO will be enhanced sharply.
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