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Research and design of PDCP layer in LTE protocol stack
Received:June 23, 2010  
中文关键词:LTE协议栈  分组数据汇聚层协议(PDCP)  数据接收
英文关键词:LTE protocol stack  packet data convergence protocol (PDCP)  data transfer
Author NameAffiliation
LIU Hui,SONG Jian-lin New Communications Technologies Applied Research Institution, Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Chongqing 400065, P. R. China 
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      分组数据汇聚协议(packet data convergence protocol,PDCP)层在LTE协议栈中实现对数据的加密、完整性保护、头压缩等功能。为了实现PDCP层在协议栈中的整体功能,分析了PDCP层总体功能流程、数据单元结构,重点研究了无线承载映射到无线链路控制(radio link control,RLC)确认模式下的数据接收机制、连接重建中PDCP的重建处理和状态报告的使用,设计出PDCP层相关的消息序列图。通过分析发现,上述新机制既能保证数据在PDCP中按序处理,又能避免数据的丢失和重复收发。
      In LTE protocol stack PDCP(packet data convergence protocol) layer has many functions such as data encryption, integrity protection, header compression and so on. In order to achieve PDCP layer overall functions, this paper analyzed the PDCP function procedure and data unit structure, focused on the data transfer procedure for DRBs(data radio bearer) mapped on RLC(radio link control)AM(acknowledgement mode), PDCP reestablishment procedure and status report in connection. A PDCP layer associated MSC(message sequence chart) was designed. The analysis shows that in the PDCP the new mechanism can guarantee the data in the sequential processing and prevent data loss and duplication.
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