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ASIC design and implementation of IIS controller
Received:March 19, 2009  
中文关键词:IIS  IP核  综合  ASIC
英文关键词:inter-IC sound(IIS)  IP core  synthesis  ASIC
Author NameAffiliation
ZHENG Jian-hong, CHENG Ye 3G Research Institute, Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Chongqing 400065, P. R. China 
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      介绍了IIS控制器的基本原理与实际应用,详细阐述了在专用集成电路中该控制器的设计思路,其中重点介绍了主控模块和收发模块的架构。在用verilog语言实现整个设计的基础上,运用ModelSim进行了功能仿真,利用SMIC0.13 μm工艺库和SYNOPSYS的Design Compiler对其综合。经过FPGA验证,确保该控制器作为一个独立的IP核可嵌入到ASIC系统中。
      This paper introduces the basic principle and application of IIS controller and gives the design plan which focuses on the architecture of the main control module and the transmitter receiver module. Based on the implementation of the whole design by using verilog hardware description language, the functional simulation was done by using ModelSim, and the synthesis work was completed using SIMC0.13 micron library and Synopsys's Design Compiler. Through FPGA verification, this IIS controller can be embedded in ASIC system as an independent IP core.
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