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Simulation on attitude arithmetic of strapdown inertial navigation system
Received:September 12, 2008  
中文关键词:姿态算法  龙格 库塔法  泰勒展开法  仿真
英文关键词:attitude arithmetic  Range-Kuttle method  Taylor expansion  simulation
Author NameAffiliation
TIAN Zeng-shan, SUN Dong-mei, HAN Ling-jun, YANG Li Key Lab of Mobile Communication Technology, Chongqing University Posts and Telecommunication, Chongqing 400065, P.R.China 
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      姿态算法是捷联惯导系统的关键部分之一。在对传统三阶泰勒展开法和四阶龙格 库塔法分析的基础上,提出了另一种更有效的四阶泰勒展开法,并在典型圆锥运动环境下,对3种算法进行了姿态角误差仿真分析,从运算精度与速度上考虑,得出四阶泰勒展开法比三阶泰勒展开法和四阶龙格 库塔法都更具优势,为姿态算法的研究提供了参考。
      The attitude arithmetic is one of the important parts in strapdown inertial navigation system (SINS). Based on traditional three order recursive Taylor expansion and four-order Range-Kuttle method, another effective method four-order Taylor expansion was proposed. Under the typical circular cone rotation condition, the three algorithms were simulated on angle error. Considered precision and speed, the simulation result proves that the four-order recursive Taylor expansion is better than the three-order recursive Taylor expansion and the four-order Range Kuttle method. And this method offers reference for developing attitude arithmetic of SINS.
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