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Volume 31,Issue 4,2019 Table of Contents

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Grid-based k-nearest neighbors query over moving trajectories under spark[Abstract][PDF]

Hierarchical multi-label classification using incremental hypernetwork[Abstract][PDF]

A face detection acceleration algorithm based on regression[Abstract][PDF]

Vehicle trajectory clustering method considering road shape[Abstract][PDF]

Oil layer recognition by semi-supervised support vector machine based on branch and bound[Abstract][PDF]

Traffic sign recognition based on ensemble convolutional neural network[Abstract][PDF]

Study on recognition method of label-free red and white cell using low-rate microscopic image[Abstract][PDF]


Joint mechanism of channel signature and resource allocation for device-to-device communications[Abstract][PDF]

A simplified successive cancellation list decoding algorithm for polar codes[Abstract][PDF]

Power control based on energy efficiency for full-duplex non-orthogonal multiple access systems[Abstract][PDF]

An improved resampling algorithm for blind separation of particle filtering[Abstract][PDF]

Distributed IVI-CFAR detection algorithm in non-homogenous environments[Abstract][PDF]

Design of the period structure microstrip bandpass filter for 5G wireless communication applications[Abstract][PDF]

Design of a current steering charge pump for RF receiver[Abstract][PDF]


Fog computing technology for intelligent Internet of things[Abstract][PDF]

Research on joint optimization of energy-saving and interference in wireless networks based on SDN[Abstract][PDF]

Design and implementation of intelligent identification system for IoT terminals[Abstract][PDF]

Fingerprint location using sparse fingerprint acquisition and improved WKNN[Abstract][PDF]

Smartphone sensor-based algorithm for forest-pedestrian location[Abstract][PDF]

Hot topic detection model based on multi-dimensions and comprehensive weights of microblog[Abstract][PDF]