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Submissions Scope
Journal of ChongQing University of Posts and Telecommunications (JoCQUPT, natural science edition) (ISSN:1673-825X,CN:50-1181/N,CODEN:CYDXA4) is a bimonthly academic journal, which is governed by Chongqing Municipal Education Commission and sponsored by Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications(CQUPT).
JoCQUPT is a key journal focusing on information science, with the current edition of sextodecimo pages, which is distributed publicly both at home and abroad. JoCQUPT publishes articles, research reports and reviews, with a coverage of communication and information system, signal and information processing, computer software and theory, computer application technology, electromagnetic field and microwave technology, microelectronics and solid state electronics, control theory and control engineering and basic technologies concerned. The main columns of JoCQUPT include “communication and electronics" and “computer and automation”.

This journal is indexed by the Chinese Core Periodicals Database(CCPD), Chinese Science and Technology Paper Citation Database(CSTPCD), Chinese Science Citation Database(CSCD), Science Abstract (SA) from UK, Cambridge Science Abstract (CSA) from USA, EBSCOhost (Eh) from USA, Ulrich's International Periodicals Directory(Ulrich IPD) from USA, Copernicus Index (IC) from Poland, and China Journal Network(CJN) from China, China Academic Journals (CD-ROM Edition) (CAJ-CD)from China, WanFang Data: digital journal group.

The journal also receives English papers with Chinese titles, abstracts and keywords, as well as Chinese names of authors.

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