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1. All contributions must be explorative, theoretical,scientific, accurate, normative and readable. The length of a paper (including charts) is generally limited to no more than 8,000 words, not exceeding the limited pages.

2. The paper is required a clear argumentation, reliable data, strict logic and concise expression. The writing should contain Chinese titles and its English translation, abstract and key words of the paper (3-8), the author's name and his work unit, the classification number of Chinese Library Classification , the body and the references. And the author's brief introduction should placed in the footnote of the first page,,including gender, birth year, educational level, technical title, academic interests, etc., and the name and No. of the funded projects above the provincial level. The author's English name are all written in the form of Chinese Pinyin, with the surname (capitalization) preceding the given name, and the given name joins together to form the word.

3. The Chinese abstract of the manuscripts are limited within around 300 words while the English abstract should be 80 ~ 120 words or so. The requirements of writing an abstract are as follows:
  • 1)It should be as concise as possible, getting right to the point, deleting any reference to scientific projects, deleting or reducing the original details of the present study; only the new information and discoveries are needed.
  • 2)it includes the main idea and key points of the text, ,the key steps should not be omitted, such as the experimental methods, equipment and research materials. Be sure to draw conclusions.
  • 3)The abstract should highlight the author's original work,not missing the key points.
  • 4)Only the most critical data is needed in the abstract.
  • 5)No figures, tables or reference data can be found in abstract.
  • 6)Do not express personal views and future plans,thus appearing as the summary of the Writing.
  • 7)Shortened forms in abstracts should have its full forms, and accurate technical terms and proper names should be exactly written without any controversy.
  • 8)Avoid any nonsense words, and do not brag about your research results.
  • 9)The abstract should be self-independent.

4. Keywords should be normative, and try to choose from the list of Chinese thematic words. Chinese keywords should have their counterparts.

5. The serial numerals of the title and subtitles, sections and subsections should conform to the international standard, that is, the first level shall be marked with 1, 2... ; Level 2 with 1.1, 1.2... 2.2, 2.3... ; Level 3 with 1.1.1,1.1.2... 2.1.1, 2.1.2, ... ; Level 4 with, ..., and flush with the left margin and left justify all numerals.

6. Figures and tables should be self-evident, appearing with descriptions in the text. Both do not exceed 6 respectively. The serial numbers and titles of figures and tables in English or Chinese should be added.The words, symbols, marking scales and their values in the coordinated axes in figures must be clear. The standardized physical quantities (generally expressed by one letter of the alphabet) and international unit symbols should be used for all headings. Also, the content of figures and tables should not be repeatedly in the writing of the text.

7. Physical quantities and units in the text must conform to national and international standards. Physical quantities are written in italics,while units are in the regular type style.

8. The references at the end of the manuscript are listed sequentially; that is, they are numbered in the order in which they are mentioned or quoted in the text. Please note that internally circulated documents, private correspondence, newspapers, articles to be published should not formally quoted), At least 8 items are required in your references.

9. In order to expand the readership of our journal, we have signed CD-ROM and online publishing agreements with China Academic Journal (CD-ROM Edition)(CAJ) and WanFang Database(WFD). If the author do not agree to re-publish his paper in the form of CD-ROM or publishing online on the part of CAJ or WFD, please Please write to clarify your claim while submitting the paper; otherwise, we regard that the journal is authorized to republish in CAJ and WFD. The fees for CAJ and WFD publication are already included in the payment of the author’s original publication in our journal.

Submissions Structure
Your manuscript should normally follow below structure:
Manuscript structure:
  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Keywords
  • Introduction
  • Main Text
  • Conclusion
  • Acknowledgements
  • References
  • Figures
  • Schemes/Charts
  • Tables
  • Supplementary Materials