Inaugurating a new International Journal: Digital Communications and Networks (DCN)

Welcome from the Editor-in-Chiefs


       We are pleased and excited to introduce you to this inaugural issue of Digital Communications and Networks (DCN) - a new, international, fully open access journal focused on a rapidly evolving information technology having significant impact on people’s daily lives. The primary aim of DCN is to enable easy and swift dissemination and exchange of technical advances in the field of digital communication systems and networks.


       As a new scientific journal, the objective of DCN is to be a publishing cornerstone in a field that directly affects modern industry, agriculture, medicine and virtually every facet of modern life. Established purposely with a broad scope of content and context, DCN will be the source for original articles and authoritative reviews of the highest quality focusing on modern communication systems and networks with an emphasis on novel architectures, methods, algorithms, and experimental results. We intend to address, but not be limited by the following topics: optical and wireless communications and networks, future Internet architecture and protocols, Internet of things, big data on communications systems, green communications and cloud computing, networked devices and control systems. DCN will publish work as full-length articles, review articles, short communications, correspondence, and commentary.


       The information era in which we live has been growing at a truly revolutionary rate. Huge numbers of new applications continue to emerge every day, from the Internet-of-things and machine-to-machine communications to mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, and more. Wireless communications evolved from 2G to 4G and 5G networks are clearly on the way. Fiber transmission capacity is at one hundred T-bits per second. The next generation Internet will not only connect several billion humans, but also hundreds if not thousands of billions of things, raising clear and significant challenges for network architectures and protocols. Some early ideas for next-generation Internet are addressed by content delivery networks and software-defined technologies. Although new communication and network technologies satisfy the human requirement for information to some degree, we believe technical progress on communication and networking will only accelerate further.


       Our goal is for DCN to be one of the preeminent knowledge-exchange platforms for academics, professionals, researchers, students and policymakers with an interest in digital communication and network solutions for real world problems. In particular, our audience includes people with a background in communication, computer science, mathematics, and engineering. Our peer review process is designed to produce the highest-quality articles by matching knowledgeable reviewers with submitted manuscripts. The DCN Editorial Board is made up of a group of distinguished experts from the worldwide communities of communication, computing and automation.


       We welcome authors of high-quality and original research articles focusing on emerging methodologies and techniques in the field of digital communication systems and networks to submit their work to us for consideration. Authors may review all of our submission requirements at


       We are proud to acknowledge the editorial board members and Editorial Office staff who all donated their time and effort generously to ensure the successful launch of this new journal. With their contribution and professional guidance, the inaugural issue of DCN is precisely what we envisioned and we foresee a successful future for the journal.


       Please enjoy this first-ever issue of DCN. We look forward to publishing your novel research work here. And with your support, we believe Digital Communications and Networks represents a great leap forward in our field.