Ranking of the papers with high impact

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20190101 Enabling intelligence in fog computing to achieve energy and latency reduction Quang Duy La, Mao V. Ngo, Thinh Quang Dinh, Tony Q.S. Quek and Hyundong Shin 2019,5(1):3-9 1155
20150201 Bio-signal based control in assistive robots: a survey Ericka Janet Rechy-Ramirez, Huosheng Hu 2015,1(2):85-101 1063
20180401 Evolution and challenges of DNS-based CDNs Zheng Wang, Jun Huang and Scott Rose 2018,4(4):235-243 1037
20150101 The challenges of M2M massive access in wireless cellular networks Andrea Biral, Marco Centenaro, Andrea Zanella, Lorenzo Vangelista, Michele Zorzi 2015,1(1):1-19 967
20150301 Joint optimization of spectrum and energy efficiency in cognitive radio networks Shaowei Wang and Chonggang Wang 2015,1(3):161-170 963
20150302 Optical power allocation for adaptive transmissions in wavelength-division multiplexing free space optical networks Hui Zhou, Shiwen Mao and Prathima Agrawal 2015,1(3):171-180 939
20150306 Adaptive FEC coding and cooperative relayed wireless image transmission Hansong Xu, Kun Hua and Honggang Wang 2015,1(3):213-221 935
20150207 A super base station based centralized network architecture for 5G mobile communication systems 2015,1(2):152-159 917
20170304 Bilayer expurgated LDPC codes with uncoded relaying Md. Noor-A-Rahim, Nan Zhang, Sk. Md. Rabiul Islam and Y.L. Guan 2017,3(3):176-179 910
20150403 Designing the robot inclusive space challenge Rajesh Elara Mohan, Ning Tan, Katrine T joelsen and Ricardo Sosa 2015,1(4):267-274 904
20160101 Topology control of tactical wireless sensor networks using energy efficient zone routing Preetha Thulasiramann and Kevin A. White 2016,2(1):1-14 903
20150307 Theoretical and numerical characterization of a 40 Gbps long-haul multi-channel transmission system with dispersion compensation Kaikai Xu and Yang Ou 2015,1(3):222-228 902
20170302 Effective link quality estimation as a means to improved end-to-end packet delivery in high traffic mobile ad hoc networks Syed Rehan Afzal, Sander Stuijk, Majid Nabi and Twan Basten 2017,3(3):150-163 898
20150206 A novel approach to gait synchronization and transition for reconfigurable walking platforms 2015,1(2):141-151 877
20170301 Symbol detection based on Voronoi surfaces with emphasis on superposition modulation Martin Damrath, Peter Adam Hoeher and Gilbert J.M. Forkel 2017,3(3):141-149 875
20150202 Development of a hospital mobile platform for logistics tasks Carlos Antonio Acosta Calderon, Elara Rajesh Mohan, Buck Sin Ng 2015,1(2):102-111 865
20150401 Cognitive assisted living ambient system: A survey Ruijiao Li, Bowen Lu and Klaus D.McDonald-Maier 2015,1(4):229-252 865
20150204 Energy-based control for a biologically inspired hexapod robot with rolling locomotion Takuma Nemoto, Rajesh Elara Mohan, Masami Iwase 2015,1(2):125-133 863
20150303 Modeling and performance analysis for composite network–compute service provisioning in software-defined cloud environments Qiang Duan 2015,1(3):181-190 861
20150304 Providing healthcare services on-the-fly using multi-player cooperation game theory in Internet of Vehicles (IoV) environment Neeraj Kumar, Kuljeet Kaur, Anish Jindal and Joel J.P.C. Rodrigues 2015,1(3):191-203 861