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20160304 Dynamic scheduling and analysis of real time systems with multiprocessors M.D. Nashid Anjum and Honggang Wang 2016,2(3):130-138 2499
20170401 Content sensitivity based access control framework for Hadoop Ashwin Kumar T.K., Hong Liu, Johnson P. Thomas and Xiaofeh Hou 2017,3(4):213-225 2203
20180301 A blockchain future for internet of things security: a position paper Mandrita Banerjee, Junghee Lee and Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo 2018,4(3):149-160 1747
20150403 Designing the robot inclusive space challenge Rajesh Elara Mohan, Ning Tan, Katrine T joelsen and Ricardo Sosa 2015,1(4):267-274 1571
20150102 A review on radio based activity recognition Shuangquan Wang, GangZhou 2015,1(1):20-29 1489
20150202 Development of a hospital mobile platform for logistics tasks Carlos Antonio Acosta Calderon, Elara Rajesh Mohan, Buck Sin Ng 2015,1(2):102-111 1333
20170307 Real traffic-data based evaluation of vehicular traffic environment and stateof-the-art with future issues in location-centric data dissemination for VANETs Abdul Hafidz Abdul Hanan, Mohd. Yazid Idris, Omprakash Kaiwartya, Mukesh Prasad and Rajiv Ratn Shah 2017,3(3):195-210 1311
20170403 CExp: secure and verifiable outsourcing of composite modular exponentiation with single untrusted server Shuai Li, Longxia Huang, Anmin Fu and John Yearwood 2017,3(4):236-241 1230
20170305 Using discriminant analysis to detect intrusions in external communication for self-driving vehicles Khattab M.Ali Alheeti, Anna Gruebler and Klaus McDonald-Maier 2017,3(3):180-187 1138
20150401 Cognitive assisted living ambient system: A survey Ruijiao Li, Bowen Lu and Klaus D.McDonald-Maier 2015,1(4):229-252 1107
20170402 A distributed authentication and authorization scheme for in-network big data sharing Ruidong Li, Hitoshi Asaeda, Jie Li and Xiaoming Fu 2017,3(4):226-235 1091
20170404 Achieving privacy-preserving big data aggregation with fault tolerance in smart grid Zhitao Guan and Guanlin Si 2017,3(4):242-249 1049
20180207 Channel estimation and channel tracking for correlated block-fading channels in massive MIMO systems Suresh Dahiya and Arun Kumar Singh 2018,4(2):138-147 982
20170306 IoTFLiP: IoT-based flipped learning platform for medical education Maqbool Ali, Hafiz Syed Muhammad Bilal, Muhammad Asif Razzaq, Jawad Khan, Sungyoung Lee, Muhammad Idris, Mohammad Aazam, Taebong Choi, Soyeon Caren Han and Byeong Ho Kang 2017,3(3):188-194 929
20170405 Visualization of big data security: a case study on the KDD99 cup data set Zichan Ruan, Yuantian Miao, Lei Pan, Nicholas Patterson and Jun Zhang 2017,3(4):250-259 921
20170406 Job schedulers for Big data processing in Hadoop environment: testing real-life schedulers using benchmark programs Mohd Usama, Mengchen Liu and Min Chen 2017,3(4):260-273 901
20180206 A roadmap for security challenges in the Internet of Things Arbia Riahi Sfar, Enrico Natalizio, Yacine Challal and Zied Chtourou 2018,4(2):118-137 870
20170304 Bilayer expurgated LDPC codes with uncoded relaying Md. Noor-A-Rahim, Nan Zhang, Sk. Md. Rabiul Islam and Y.L. Guan 2017,3(3):176-179 841
20170301 Symbol detection based on Voronoi surfaces with emphasis on superposition modulation Martin Damrath, Peter Adam Hoeher and Gilbert J.M. Forkel 2017,3(3):141-149 801
20150203 Building technology platform aimed to develop service robot with embedded personality and enhanced communication with social environment 2015,1(2):112-124 750